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Folding Tiles hack iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

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Folding Tiles hack Android

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Fold, move, and unfold tiles to complete the levels and melt through the tricky maze.

Geek-out with this free puzzle game! Right now is an amazing time to start playing Folding Tiles — the antistress game where you unfold square tiles to fill the grid. Hundreds of tricky levels to complete and endless tiles to unfold; you will never be bored again!

+ Move the tiles around the grid to solve the puzzles!

+ Complete level after level, we are always adding more!

+ Too tough? You can always undo or replay each level!

+ Tricky, antistress game to focus your mind!

+ Each move folds a square

+ Bored? Never again!

+ Take charge and complete thousands of levels before your friends!

+ Addictive, go on, make another move!

+ Bet you never thought square tiles could be this tricky

What are you waiting for? Start playing now!

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