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Crazy Basketball hack iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

[4,49 €] New Modes: Crazy Mode + Sniper Mode unlock – code de triche: 3ff39e32
[5,49 €] Skills: Unique Skills! – code de triche: fb637bbc

Crazy Basketball hack Android

[4,49 €] New Modes: Crazy Mode + Sniper Mode unlock – code de triche: 9911cd5e
[5,49 €] Skills: Unique Skills! – code de triche: ea20b1ea




☆Crazy Basketball game for the iPhone and iPod gives you a fun and different way to play basketball a using physics engine. Just Fun and Simple☆

Crazy Basketball have a physical engine, interesting backgrounds with Hundreds of animations and dozens of achievements.


Diffrent Balls with different stats! Football, Golf, Tennis, Bowling and Alien dude!

- 6 Maps with free map!

- 6 Line Colours!

Game Modes:

Crazy Mode and unique Sniper Mode with dozens of levels!

Hoops Mode with 3 point 2 point and 1 poin Hoops!


The game features simple touch and drag controls and realistic physics. Tap and drag anywhere on the dotted line to change the power and angle of your shot and release to shoot


☆iOS 4.1 Support + Game Center!

☆Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play for the whole family.

☆Unlimited Gameplay and entertaining free updates!

☆STATS, you can know your: Total shots, Total goals, Total misses et c.

☆Bonuses: 7 in a row bonus - Full Line, accuracy and Long shot Bonus, 8 in a row bonus - 2x Scores!!

☆Slow Motion!


*Online and offline high-scores, competition system for your friends or other players

*Realistic physical engine

*Dozens of achievement and Hundreds of animations and 1000 OpenFeint points.

*Captivating Gameplay for every age

*Send your high-score at Facebook and Twitter

May, TOP 10 GAME, App in - USA, Canada, Australia,Germany,France, UK and more!

TOP 1 Sport Game, Family Game!


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